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Orpheus in the Underworld

March 2018

The irreverent and hilarious tale of Orpheus’s descent into the Underworld


Jacques Offenbach

Conducted by Jack Wong and directed by Tom Holland

Friday 16th March 7.30pm


Saturday 17th March 2018 7.00pm

St John’s Church, Lansdowne Crescent, Nottinghill, W11 2NN

 Box Office 07467024389




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Orpheus in the Underworld 16th March 7.30pm

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Orpheus in the Underworld Saturday 17th March 7.00pm




Orpheus – Mike Wells

Eurydice – Rebecca de Coverly Veale

Public Opinion – Lisa J Coates

Pluto – Dominic Morgan

Jupiter – Michael Hickman

John Styx – Philip Thornton

Diana – Zuzana Curmova

Cupid – Bethany James

Minerva – Anna Slavina

Venus – Grace Lo

Juno – Oksana Miroshnichenko

Mercury – Jonathan Young

Mars – Peter Stanford


Mezzo – Sammy Harrington

Tenor – Terry Harris

Bass – Roger Purcell

Repetiteur/chorus master – Elspeth Wilkes